Control Interface can provide you with a number of parts to make your system installation and operation complete. We offer a wide variety of accessories from transducers to floats and junction boxes to fittings. Why not have Control Interface include accessories with your next order? Save yourself the hassle, time, and money and let us do the work for you. Of course if you need any accessories down the road, we can provide them as well. Many of these parts are in stock and can be delivered to you quickly. Control Interface can be your one stop for all your control system and accessory needs.

Electrical disconnects provide a means to shut down a system in order to perform maintenance or other work. They insure that a circuit is not inadvertently energized when a working technician in unprepared. Control Interface provides a variety of sizes, whether they are fused, non-fused, or use circuit breakers and with a variety of enclosure types for any environment.

Dialers are an effective way to monitor a plant from a remote location. They automatically notify you, at any number of locations, if unsafe conditions occur. You can also contact the system through any telephone to receive status reports.

Alarm devices:
Alarms are important in insuring that a problem doesn't escalate without operators being notified. Whether your alarm needs consist or audible, visual, or both, we can help. We stock many devices in a variety of voltages. We're sure to have one that suits your application.

Pedestals are use in many cases and make installation easy and provide quick access to conduit lines. We stock a variety of sizes and can provide one for any application necessary.

Level sensing floats are necessary for many pump control systems which is why Control Interface keeps a variety on our shelves. We can send them along with your panels or provide them as replacements down the road.

Brackets are sometimes required for mounting of certain system devices outside of the control panel, including floats and transducers. Control Interface stocks many brackets and can also manufacture custom brackets.

Generator Receptacles:
Emergency generators are an important part of many systems. Critical stations must continue to operate in the event of a power loss. We can furnish a receptacle to mate any generator plug provided.

Transducers are becoming more and more common in the industries we serve. They accurately examine liquid levels through a variety of methods. Control Interface can provide an assortment of transducers for your operation.

Junction Boxes:
Junction boxes are used to keep toxic gasses from entering a control panel and inhibiting its functions. We can provide you with boxes suitable for any environment along with any accessories necessary for their installation.
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